Life After Graduating

Ainun Resa
2 min readFeb 11, 2022


So here I am, at the final obstacle that I need to do, the final project! Working with the final project since March. It’s been a roller coaster for the past five months in my life.

I told my second supervisor (yeah, I got two supervisors) that I’m ready for the thesis defence on August 27th. She agreed and then I told my first supervisor and the examiner to make some time on that day for my thesis defence.

And by 27th August 2021, I passed it! I did it! It was my bad for not taking pictures on that day, I was too tired of having a straight 4 hours of sitting for an online meeting in the noon. But after all, I feel satisfied with the result! I scored A- for my final project. Before, I wanted to share the story and the process of my final project, but as my final project was quite complicated and related to the intellectual property rights law, I decide not to post anything about it.

It’s been 5 months since I’m done with it. I keep myself busy by doing various activities so I won’t stay idle. Keeping myself busy with doing some housework, continuing the pending online novels, updating my portfolio, updating this blog, and searching for some job vacancies.

Currently, I am working on my journal. After 2 months of being busy with some family business, I can finally sit and work on my pending journal. However, this journal start to be pended for a few days because I got sick (even when I’m writing this blog) but luckily, I made a small note so that it eases me to write the journal based on its template.

Graduating from design school was another milestone marked in my life. The past five years had taught me a lot of things. My connections grow, as I decide to get out of my comfort zone. I gain some friends, and I lose some friends. It’s okay! I came to know which one was the real one, and which one was not.

After all, I still have to do everything from home, because Covid was still around. And I do hope I can write often here.

Stay safe everyone!



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